About Us



We’re a bunch of finance nerds who spend hours researching every finance product we purchase. We’ve been doing this for our friends and family for years and decided to build this platform to put out comparisons and reviews of products that we have used or intend to use.
We hope the information out here helps you make a more informed decision before buying any personal finance product.

Meet the Team


Kunaal Aswani

Kunaal built a fashion e-commerce business from scratch in 2010 and has been running it successfully ever since.

He has been researching and investing in stocks since age 15. With a keen eye for all things finance, he is always looking for ways to get the most from his credit cards, insurance and investments.


Aditya Desai

Aditya has spent the last 12 years working in the field of Taxation, Audit & Financial Advisory. He is the Head of the Taxation Vertical at a CA Firm in Mumbai and has also assisted some senior counsels at the ITAT & Bombay High Court in many Income Tax related cases.

He moonlights as a Stand-up Comedian and has been doing so since 2012. He believes that in Comedy, 2+2 may not necessarily be 4, it can be 5, 1 or even zero! Incidentally, he uses the same principle in his tax practice 😉