Investing in U.S. stocks made easy-HDFC Securities & Stockal.

We have been strong advocates of investing in international stock markets. International investing ensures country diversification of your portfolio. Here we review the new Global Investing platform by HDFC Securities and Stockal.

International investing protects your portfolio when Indian markets don’t perform well. You can invest out of India via mutual funds or invest directly in stocks. We’ve written about the Indian mutual funds that invest in U.S., China & other international markets. Check out the details here.

Invest in Products/Services that you use

A lot of the products and services we use and spend money on belong to American companies. Uber, Amazon, Alphabet, Apple, Nike, Facebook are some of them.

Investing in the U.S. which is a much more mature and deep market, offers new opportunities for Indians. If you are not keen on picking out individual stocks, you can invest in indices such as the S&P 500, Dow Jones, or Nasdaq-100.

Direct Investing in Stocks – Buy stock of Amazon & Facebook from India!

For the savvy investor looking to buy Tesla, Facebook or Amazon stock, the process is now super simple through HDFC Securities. Global investing is a new initiative of HDFC Securities. They have tied up with Stockal which is a platform to enable investing in U.S. Markets.

The entire process is online except for one form which you have to your bank for the amount to be remitted out of India.

Steps to Open an Account with Global Investing by HDFC Securities:

  1. Sign up on the HDFC Securities Global Investing Page.
  2. Fill in your details to open an account.
  3. Pick a plan. (Zero charges for the basic plan)
  4. Upload your KYC documents (Aadhaar, PAN etc.)
  5. Add by funds by selecting amount and bank.

A pre-filled remittance (outward money transfer) form is then mailed to you. You have to print, sign, and hand over the form to your bank. Post this the money is remitted.

Trading Charges

The trading charges depend on the plan you subscribe to. Remittance charges will depend on your bank. Here’s a snapshot of the subscription options:

We have tried opening an account ourselves and the process is very smooth and hassle-free. Start Investing Within a week of signing up, you can start investing in Apple, Alphabet, or any other of your favourite stocks.

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