Jet Airways American Express Platinum Credit Card – Review

The Jet Airways American Express Platinum credit card has one of the highest annual fees and can appear costly to those looking for a travel credit card.

But don’t be put off by the fees. Beyond it, there are privileges and benefits that this card comes with. Let’s take a look below to know if this card is suitable to meet your travel goals.


  • An annual income of Rs. 6 Lakhs & Above.
  • Holding a credit card of any other bank.
  • Good Credit (CIBIL) Score. (What’s good? The card issuers never mention this publicly. Eligibility is decided using the credit score along with a number of other factors).


  • First years fee: Rs. 5000 (plus taxes)
  • Second-year onward: Rs. 10,000 (plus taxes)

While the fees are high, the first swipe and every renewal entitles you to bonus JP miles.

On the first charge of the card, get 10,000 bonus JP Miles + complimentary base fare waived domestic ticket.

On renewal of the card, get 5,000 bonus JP Miles + complimentary base fare waived domestic ticket.

To put the fees in perspective, if you were to buy JP Miles, they are available at a cost of Rs. 1.25 (plus GST) per JP mile.

Rewards Structure

  • Earn 8 JP Miles for every Rs. 150 spent. Except for spends at Fuel, Insurance, Cash & Utilities.
  • Earn 16 JP Miles for every Rs. 150 spent for booking tickets on

Rewards Redemption

JP Miles accumulated can be redeemed for free flights on Jet Airways. Taxes are charges over and above this.


  • Excess baggage of 5kg(Economy) and 10kg(Business) for flights within India.
  • Complimentary Priority Pass membership. However, USD 32 is charged per lounge visit.
  • Free Access to select domestic lounges.
  • 5% Base Fare discount on ticket bookings on
  • American Express Platinum Concierge services.
  • Fuel Convenience Fee waived off at HPCL outlets.
  • Differentiated Check-In through Premiere (Business Class) check-in counters on domestic flights.

Is It worth it?

Jet Airways has one of the best international networks amongst Indian carriers. If you use your credit card for daily spends, you can rack up the miles required for those free international trips. A one way trip from Mumbai to London/Paris/Amsterdam requires 45000 JP Miles. Using your card for Rs. 9,00,000 worth of regular spends or Rs. 4,50,000 worth of flight tickets booked via Jet Airways, can get you a one-way flight to Europe.

Getting access to Premiere Check-In counters saves a lot of time and is an added bonus.

For frequent travellers and regular flyers of Jet Airways, this card is a great option.

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