Max Bupa Heartbeat Family Floater: Comprehensive Health Insurance with Maternity Benefits

For those looking for a health insurance plan which covers maternity benefits, Max Bupa Heartbeat Family Floater is a good option to pick from the few options that are currently available. Below are it’s 5 benefits related to Maternity Cover:

1. The most important thing to know before opting for this plan is that the maternity benefits kick in only if the policy has been in place for two years before the delivery of the child.

2. All delivery-related expenses are covered in this plan up to a certain limit. (Limit is based on the total sum insured)

3. The maternity benefit can be availed as a cashless facility in the list of approved hospitals by Max Bupa, or a claim can be filed for reimbursement at all other hospitals.

4. The newborn baby is covered as an insured person without additional premium until the policy year.

5. Vaccination expenses of the baby are covered in the first year if the baby is added to the policy from the next year policy.

The other details of the policy, along with premium calculation can be done here.

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